The Nature Of Potential – Bite Sized! -1

 Potential From Nothing!

What suppose we were to view existence purely as potential -where would that lead us, where would we even start? But if we were to view potential as fundamental, then perhaps with the fundamental, is where we should start.

The opposite of existence is no existence, the opposite of potientual is no potential -zero. But here, not just any zero, a mind bending zero of no potential of any kind or form -at all, the most fundamental, the king of all zero’s  

And yet, this purest ultimate zero has an achilles heal -it’s very absoluteness is its down fall, as it is its very constraint. But fundamental zero must be zero with no whisper of anything at all than zero, which includes a constraint, which would soon lead to  paradox. But since there is literally nothing to stop it,  paradox happens. Yet instead of destroying King Zero, it comes to oddly preserve and even protect King Zero. One way to imagine how, is to imagine a double mirror.

A double mirror where one side reflects zero back on it’s self -zero is zero- while the other ‘reflects’ constraint ‘away’. -But if you have one paradox and nothing else -another will surely follow -another double mirror. -But this time, it’s first side reflects constraint back on its self-constraint is constraint- while its other side reflects -constraint is not zero-. And hence our next double mirror -not zero is not zero- and -other than zero- . “Other than zero’ gives our first and assuredly most primitive and most fundamental potentiality.

Once there is one potential there will be more -the gene has been let out to the bottle. For the sake of argument we’ll call this most primitive potential Z. And via zero paradox now reflecting Z, another primitive potential jumps up -N- the paradox or opposite of Z, (-but not zero). Unstoppably zero paradox then reflects Z and N giving -U- both and neither Z, or N. And in this giving us the most fundamental primitive elements of potential -Z N U.

Its certainly a curious thing, that zero’s self sustaining absoluteness paradoxically produces potential in order to maintain its self! In the next Bite Size, we will see how ZNU leads to a primitive field, and then on, to pre-objects or virtual objects, on the next leg of our journey towards existence.

Carl John Barber 2021©