Artwork – River Edinburgh

River Edinburgh

Type: ‘Photophic’(Photophic period))
Medium: Specialised photography and image blending.
Dimensions: 50cm x 20cm
Created: May 2014

Where to see it: The Secret Venue, by appointment.

For Sale: Prints: – 50cm x 20cm  £40.

Contact: Text: 07952 214043 or Email:

Artists Comment:

This is one of the very last of my ‘Photophic’ period, and certainly one of the most the technically sophisticated of the period, with over a hundred Photoshop layers needed to create the finished artwork. As with other Photophic period works, the strange paradox’s between our new virtual and real world views are explored. Edinburgh is a ‘dreamlike’ city, impossibly built across hills and down into ravines. In Edinburgh it is possible to be in the 6thor 8thcellar down of some ancient building, only to go through a door -and emerge again on somehow on street, or even emerge into some leafy ravine with classical follies! Many great cities of the world have a river running through its heart –In Edinburgh where there might be one, there is a ravine turned into gardens, and at its bottom, a major railway station. In a mixed ‘real/virtual’ world, here a river yet does appear to run through Edinburgh’s heart.