Artwork – River Edinburgh

River Edinburgh

Type: ‘Photophic’
Medium: Specialised photography and image combining.
Dimensions: 50cm x 20cm
Created: May 2014

Where to see it: The Secret Venue, by appointment.

Contact: Text: 07952 214043 or Email:

Artists Comment:

This is one of the very last of my ‘Photophic’ period, and certainly one of the most the technically sophisticated of the period with over a hundred layers needed to create the finished artwork. As with other Photophic works the strange paradox’s between our new virtual and real world views are explored. Edinburgh is a ‘dreamlike’ city to start with, impossibly built across in and on hills and ravines. In Edinburgh it is possible to be in the 6thor 8thcellar down of some building, only to go through a door and emerge at ground level on yet another ancient street, or even emerge into some leafy ravine with classical follies! Many great cities of the world have a river running through its heart –In Edinburgh where there might be one, there is a ravine tuned into gardens, and at its bottom, a major railway station. In a mixed ‘real/virtual’ world, here a river yet does appear to run through Edinburgh’s heart.