Andrew Crummy – For One Day-

As with other artists I would like to thank Andrew Crummy for his very kind invitation to be a part of this initiative. For us in Cockenzie Port Seton this is especially appreciated as sadly there have ben no arts festival, or our other loved festivals that we have ( Children’s Gala etc etc…) – all casualties of the times.  So this initiative is very much appreciated.
-Thank you Andrew!

So here my contribution of a virtual art show at The Secret Venue, of mixed photographic work, music and poetry, the first a  themed on the current strange times. -You might not be able to actually go to there to see it in the covid times, but you ‘virtually’ you can.. Not had much time to do it -hopefully all works fine – let me know!

(-Picture above-  New St bunting up despite no community festivals and events.)

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